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Lip'ral is a patented technology based on lipidic compositions which form optimal dispersed phase in the gastrointestinal environment for improved absorption of the insoluble drug. Lip'ral presents insoluble drugs efficiently to the intestinal absorption site, thus bringing the absorption process under formulation control and making the product robust to physiological variables such as dilution, pH and food effects.

  • Lip'ral utilizes bioacceptable excipients
  • Lip'ral uses conventional manufacturing processes that are easy to scale-up
  • Lip'ral compositions are stable and compatible for encapsulation


Lip'ral enables development of superior oral products with:

  • Improved solubilization and high drug loading capacity 
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Faster and more consistent absorption leading to reduced variability
  • Reduced sensitivity to food effects and improved patient compliance